Thursday, February 17, 2011

Part 2 ... the bloggers at Bill Bolling's bloggers day

Bearing Drift's Jim Hoeft (center) looks like he's Chairman of the Board as bloggers talk before the start of Bill Bolling's briefing. To his right is Jim Young from Skeptical Observer ... on the left is Tom White with VaRight.
Bloggers begin to gather at the Governor's conference table.
Norm Leahy (left) talks with Rick Sincere (back to camera) and Bob Kirchman (The Journey).
Bearing Drift was represented by nine of their bloggers.
Bob Kirchman (The Journey) with NovaTownhall, Josh Huffman, and Rick Sincere in background.
Ford O'Connell (left) and Norm Leahy with Chuck Young in the background.
Looks like a board meeting instead of a bunch of bloggers....
Krystle with Crystal Clear Conservative and Bearing Drift.

From all corners of the Commonwealth, bloggers made the trip to Richmond to take part in Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's 4th Annual Bloggers Day.

Bearing Drift wins the gold medal with eight or nine bloggers participating in Richmond (let's see if I can remember them all) ... Jim Hoeft, Jason Kenney, Brian Schoeneman, Krystle, DJ Spiker, Brian Kirwin, Chris Obenshain, Ward Smythe. That's eight ... I must have missed someone.

Virginia Virtucon had representation ... Jason Kenney and SWAC Girl.

Others attending were Jon Henke, Jim Young with Skeptical Observer, Steve Thomas from Fredericksburg, David Huffman, Steve Rossie with Family Foundation, David Shepherd with Virginia Gentleman, Smyth County Conservative, Tom White with VaRight, Brian Bridgeforth, O'Connell of Project Virginia, Rick Sincere ...

... SWAC bloggers David Karaffa of Augusta Conservative, Bob Kirchman of The Jouney, Jason Bibeau of Augusta Water Cooler, and SWAC Girl ...

... and I know I've missed people. Sorry ... as I go through the photos and see others, I'll add them.

Check out my post at the Washington Examiner ... Virginia bloggers go to Richmond ... Bill Bolling's 4th annual bloggers day.

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Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
16 February 2011

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