Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fishersville Mike says thank a teacher but I add ...

Mike says to thank a teacher if you can read this. I agree but add that, in the case of home schoolers, remember to thank a mom or dad .

Guiding a child to learn to read is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It takes patience, time, and understanding. As a child begins to recognize letters, then string two or three of them together to form a word, and then begin to form out words, a parent is gratified by the ability to be able to teach that child at home and by the fact the child is learning.

Does it take a degree? A special building or classroom? Specialized books or tools? No. It takes patience and the willingness to go over and over a letter, a word, or a phrase until the child gets it ... and then move on to the next. And it takes hours of time but it is rewarding to me that, all these years later, my two twenty-something home schooled children excelled at higher education and have excellent work ethics.

I agree with Mike ... thank a teacher. But I also thank those home school parents who patiently spend 24/7 with their children, teaching them to read, write, draw, understand math and science, and all that is involved in school. Job well done.

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