Monday, March 21, 2011

Washington Examiner Monday headlines

Timothy P. Carney - With no debate and no objective, Obama enters a war

Setting aside the wisdom of the intervention, Obama's entry into Libya's civil war is troubling on at least five counts. First is the legal and constitutional question. Second is the manner of Obama's announcement. Third is the complete disregard for public opinion and lack of debate. Fourth is the unclear role the United States will play in this coalition. Fifth is the lack of a clear endgame. Compounding all these problems is the lack of trust created by Obama's lazy leadership.

Byron York - 'Unique capabilities' mean virtually all-American war in Libya

With President Obama making only brief remarks during his trip to Latin America, most of what we know about the beginning of the war in Libya comes from two briefings Saturday, from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in France and from Vice Admiral Bill Gortney at the Pentagon.  And those two high-ranking officials delivered strikingly different messages about the extent of United States involvement in the war. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - GOP attempting to undo Wall Street reforms

In their quest to undo the liberal agenda advanced by a Democratic Congress and president, the Republican-led House has begun nibbling at the edges of the Wall Street reforms President Obama signed into law in July.

Byron York - Boehner: Obama must consult Congress before further Libya attacks

House Speaker John Boehner has just issued his first statement on the U.S. attack on Libya.  Boehner expresses his approval of the initial strikes but says that before the U.S. takes further military action, the administration "must do a better job of briefing members of Congress" about the Libya mission.  Here is Boehner's statement: Read More

David Freddoso - Michael Moore suggests 'evacuation zone' around Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has been on a Twitter tear yesterday and today, denouncing President Obama's unilateral (as pertains to our government, at least) decision to involve our military in the Libyan civil war. Here are seven of his latest tweets,  strung together: So, what's wrong with this picture (Libya)? Here's what: Read More

Michael Barone - U.S. is the unilateral power in a multilateral world

One thing on which there seems to have been agreement during the month-long debate about how the United States should respond to the uprisings in the Middle East, and in particular to the anti-Gaddafi rebels in Libya, is that we must not act unilaterally. Read More

Brian Hughes - Unions still waiting for Obama to step up

President Obama has stayed on the sidelines during raging political battles about the role of public employees unions in cash-strapped states, a debate that shows no signs of slowing before the 2012 election and which now has labor leaders pressing for more involvement from the White House on their behalf. Read More

Mark Tapscott - Good luck explaining this Biden gaffe, Shailagh

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser last night in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe Biden compared Republicans trying to get federal spending under control to people who blame rape victims for their plight. Read that again: Republicans trying to get federal spending under control are like people who blame rape victims for being raped. Here's how The Hill reports it: Read More

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