Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Journey ... Pam & Bob's first date 32 years ago

Pleasant people are a joy to be around. One of those couples is SWAC blogger Bob over at The Journey and his lovely wife Pam. They are both extremely friendly, always smiling and helpful and just ... well, pleasant!

Bob posted that yesterday was the anniversary of their first date. He wrote about a trip to Georgia:

I wanted to show Pam Stone Mountain. My college friends and I had visited this granite mountain a number of times. We rode the tram to the top and walked down.

We got caught in the rain... a sudden storm drenched us. We were laughing and walking down the trail when I said to her: "I want you to be my wife!" She replied: "I want you to be my husband!" Then she asked: "Does this mean we're engaged?" I assured her that it did... I didn't have a ring yet; this was totally a Divinely inspired moment.

We were married on May 24, 1980.
Isn't love grand? Two kids and 32 years later, they're still dating. Congratulations, you two love birds!

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