Saturday, March 26, 2011

George Allen's weekly update - March 25, 2011

Dear Fellow Patriot,
This week, Susan and I have travelled throughout Virginia and are encouraged by the positive response we’re getting. Tuesday night, I met with an enthusiastic crowd of ‘Young Professionals for George’ in North Arlington. Energy and gas prices were high on the list of topics we discussed. President Obama’s willingness to assist Brazil’s efforts to explore for offshore oil and the continued instability in the Middle East and North Africa once again show why America needs a comprehensive energy plan here at home that reduces our dependence on others.

On Wednesday, Susan and I returned home to Charlottesville and Albemarle County where we enjoyed visiting with many long time and new friends. From there we headed southwest, partaking in the great chilidogs at Moore’s Country Store in Campbell County just outside of Lynchburg. And just this morning we met with a fired-up band of Tea Partiers for breakfast at Shoney’s in Bristol.

Today, while Susan attended a dutch treat lunch in Richlands, I received a briefing on CNX operations and visited a truly impressive gas production facility in Buchanan County. They are producing 240 million tcf of coal bed methane gas daily while making coal mining safer, providing thousands of jobs, and supplying Southwest Virginia gas to fuel Virginia and America. Tomorrow, we’ll stop in at Highland County’s Maple Festival in Whitetop Mountain then head on to Chilhowie for a dutch treat lunch before joining the Roanoke City GOP for their Salute to Ronald Reagan Dinner.

The more Susan and I travel across Virginia – from Tidewater, to the Richmond area, to Northern Virginia; from Winchester down the Shenandoah Valley across the Roanoke Valley to Jonesville in Lee County (which is further west that Detroit Michigan), and back over the Piedmont and across Southside Virginia – the more we continue to hear that Virginia’s voices are being ignored in Washington. This week’s Obamacare anniversary is yet another reminder of the ongoing assault on our liberty from the Liberals in Washington.
With your continued help, advice and support, we will fight for the positive solutions and ideas that matter most to the families of Virginia.  Remember, you can help our campaign by encouraging your friends and family to join our grassroots insurgency by:

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Stay Strong for Freedom,
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George Allen
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