Thursday, March 31, 2011

Washington Examiner Thursday headlines

Byron York - Ron Reagan Jr.: My father is 'fetish object for the far right'

In a new interview with the BBC, Ron Reagan, Jr., son of the late president, called his father "a fetish object for the far right."  Expanding on his point, the younger Reagan calls President Ronald Reagan "sort of the rubber bustier of the far right." Read More

Timothy P. Carney - Obama's friends turn radioactive after Japan accident

President Obama's push to expand renewable domestic energy has put him in an awkward position following the explosions at a nuclear plant in Japan and the subsequent leakage of radiation. While Obama can still talk about solar, wind and biofuels, nuclear power is practically the only way to generate reliable and affordable energy without fossil fuels.

Michael Barone - Were we better off 40 years ago? Not really

Have men’s incomes fallen during the last 40 years? That’s a meme you hear often in political discourse and a conclusion that some economists have reached as well. I argued the contrary in my February 26 Examiner column. Excerpt:   “My own assumption is that economic statistics have been painting an unduly bleak picture of modest-income America. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - House GOP renews push for deeper cuts

House Republicans on Wednesday refused to yield in their pledge to uphold a campaign promise to reduce federal spending to 2008 levels despite an impasse with Democrats over the budget that threatens to shut down the government.

Brian Hughes - Obama: U.S. must curb dependence on foreign oil

Obama highlighted his extensive moratorium on offshore drilling in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, which critics said stymied economic growth.
"I don't know about you, but I don't have amnesia," the president said, alluding to the seemingly endless deluge of oil in the Gulf waters. "I remember these things."
Philip Klein - White House threatens to veto FAA bill to shield unions

President Obama has threatened to veto the FAA funding bill to protect a rule his administration passed last year that makes it easier for airline and railroad workers to unionize. Read More

Philip Klein - Wisconsin unions threaten to boycott businesses that don't display their signs

Union members have extended their fight in Wisconsin, threatening to boycott businesses who won't display signs in their windows showing solidarity.  Read More

Did Secretary Chu really design the successful cap for the BP oil leak?
President Obama glowingly praised Energy Secretary Steven Chu today for, "actually deserving his Nobel prize" and curiously credited him with designing the final cap that eventually plugged the BP oil spill.   Read More

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