Saturday, March 26, 2011

George Allen ... in case you missed it ... March 25, 2011

In Case You Missed It….  

Bearing Drift: On this Day in 1997, George Allen Made Pro-Life History:
“In 1994, I joined the A-Team as a Special Assistant to Kay James, Allen’s Secretary of Health and Human Resources. As such, I got to be there for some of the important battles, including welfare reform and parental notification. I’d moved on to another position by the time the legislation passed and was signed. But I remember the day. I remember the significance. I remember the victory.” Click Here to read the full article.

George Allen on American Radio News Network w/ Chris Salcedo & Lori Lundin
Listen to the interview (26:30-33:50):

Newsmax Quotes Allen on Anniversary of Obamacare “Monstrosity”: “Republican George Allen took the anniversary of healthcare reform... today to blast the Obama administration's efforts, calling the massive law a "monstrosity" that ignores the will of the American people.” Click Here to read the full article.

Allen’s Take: “Outsourcing Foreign Policy” : "With the courageous men and women of our armed forces serving in harm’s way in North Africa, Americans should support them and their families as they perform their duty. However, we should not be outsourcing our sovereign foreign policy decisions to the United Nations. The elected representatives of the people in U.S. House and Senate, not the UN Security Council, should be the governing body authorizing U.S. military action. With our current commitments in Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq, the President must present to the American people and Congress the goals and the extent of our military action in Libya." Click Here to read the full commentary.

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