Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wilson Complex roundabout ... Fishersville

There's a proposal to build a $300,000 roundabout in the Wilson Complex in Fishersville to try and alleviate traffic issues. Studying the visual while envisioning the actual area, I'm not sure how this will work or exactly how it's supposed to solve the traffic headaches.

Roundabouts are something that road builders appear to be bringing back to shopping centers and roadways. However, does anyone remember why they were phased out thirty years ago? Originally called traffic circles at the time, they were done away with because of the number of traffic accidents associated with them. They were considered dangerous and eventual replaced with regular intersections.

With high school, vocational, and governor school students driving into the roundabout, would VDOT and local authorities not fear an uptick in accidents? Could the $300,000 be better spent in some other way? Or is this the best solution to avoid paying out millions of dollars to build another entrance into/out of the complex?

With scarce funds these days, it probably is not a project that will take place anytime soon.

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