Friday, March 18, 2011

What they're saying about George Allen....

From the news front....

 “A Kaine-Allen matchup has the makings of one of 2012's most competitive races. A poll last week suggested that the two would be locked in a dead heat if the election were held today.” ( The Hill, 3/7/11)

 “The news that Tim Kaine is likely to run for Virginia’s open Senate seat in 2012 sets up a clash of political titans as the former Democratic governor will likely face off with former senator and governor George Allen in the general election.” ( Washington Post, 3/16/11)  

“If Kaine enters the fray, the race in the Old Dominion becomes one of the most closely watched races of the 2012, pitting a popular former governor and senator against the sitting chairman of the DNC...” ( Fox News, 3/14/11)

 “With Democratic Sen. Jim Webb retiring after one term, the 57-year-old Allen (who also served as governor of the Old Dominion State from 1993 to 1997 and as a one-term U.S. representative) appears in strong shape if he wins the Republican primary next summer.” ( Human Events, 3/9/11)

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