Friday, May 18, 2007

24th District race heats up even more ... read these posts....

There are a number of bloggers now writing about the 24th District race between Scott Sayre and Emmett Hanger. Scott has an excellent chance of taking down Hanger, a 12-year incumbent who lined up with Potts and Chichester in the senate, voted to increase taxes over loud objections from his constituents, voted to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, didn't work to help Chris Saxman's school choice bill, proposed raising gasoline taxes.... The list goes on and on.

Check out these posts for the latest in this red-hot race:

- Spark It Up!: Hanger vs Sayre: Doers vs talkers
- V*CAP: Does Senator Hanger Deserve Re-Election Strictly Based On Seniority?
- Conservative Viewpoints: Hanger, Sayre Speak to Splintered Staunton Republicans
- James Atticus Bowden: Pathetic Weak Rino Response on Basic Econ
- Spank That Donkey: I Was Wrong: 6 of 8 Chairs Support Sayre (be sure to read the comments)
- Bloggers4Sayre: 14 bloggers and much information about Hanger's record

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