Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ann Coulter loved Jerry Falwell....

"Jerry Falwell -- Say hello to Ronald Reagan!"

Ann Coulter is a hoot. I love her writing and her in-your-face honesty ... and the fact she actually used the above title for this article.

It's obvious from her article that she loved Jerry Falwell as a friend ... and she's not ashamed to say so. In fact, she stands up for her friend at a time when others "qualify" their love and respect. She begins by saying:

No man in the last century better illustrated Jesus' warning that "All men will hate you because of me" than the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who left this world on Tuesday.

Separately, no man better illustrates my warning that it doesn't pay to be nice to liberals.

Falwell was a perfected Christian. He exuded Christian love for all men, hating sin while loving sinners. This is as opposed to liberals, who just love sinners. Like Christ ministering to prostitutes, Falwell regularly left the safe confines of his church to show up in such benighted venues as CNN.

He was such a good Christian that back when we used to be on TV together during Clinton's impeachment, I sometimes wanted to say to him, "Step aside, reverend — let the mean girl handle this one." (Why, that guy probably prayed for Clinton!)

For putting Christ above everything — even the opportunity to make a humiliating joke about Clinton — Falwell is known as "controversial." Nothing is ever as "controversial" as yammering about Scripture as if, you know, it's the word of God or something.

She will be crucified by the lefty bloggers and libs for standing up for her friend.

You go, Girl.

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