Friday, May 25, 2007

Newspapers play games with headlines....

How many times have you read a newspaper headline only to get into the article and discover the headline didn't accurately reflect the news story? I've seen it many times including the headings over letters to the editor.

In today's Staunton News Leader it happened again. The title says, "Sayre: Anti-tax, anti-immigrant." If you read no further you would leave thinking Scott Sayre was anti-immigrant. But knowing that was not true, I read the letter and found it said he was anti-illegal immigrant.

There's a big difference in what was written in the letter and what was implied by the title.

The News Leader should print a retraction and owe up that Scott Sayre is totally for legal immigration but opposes using tax dollars to reward those who disregard our laws.

It's time for newspaper to stop playing games with headlines.

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Spank That Donkey said...

The Slantin MisLeader is 'in the tank' for Senator Hanger! Can there be any doubt with that misrepresentation?

I remember meeting Chris Saxman for the first time when he ran for office at the polling place. He was out front pressing the flesh, and I came over. He introduced himself, and I said, no need to tell me about yourself.

I have been reading what the News Leader has been saying about you, and I know for a fact you are the best candidate, just because of the slamming they laid on you editorially, and in the news articles...

You have got to love a newspaper that touts education, but assumes all the citizens are complete idiots, and can not think for themselves!