Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bloggers respond to sleazy campaign tactics.... Updated

Riley Not O'Reilly at Virginia Virtucon posts Hanger Supporters Sink to a New Low. In it he says:

They make suggestions that Sayre should perform lewd sexual acts. It is really quite incredible and one of the sleaziest things I’ve ever seen in Virginia politics.

UPDATE # 1: Jim has updated his post tonight ... and he has banned Republitarian from his site because Republitarian threatened him. I'm glad to see one of the ethical bloggers stand up to this guy who has been a bully on the blogs as long as I've been posting.

Emmett Hanger needs to publicly denounce and distance himself from Myron Rhodes. There is no room in Virginia politics for this type of behavior or mud-slinging. Families should be off-limits in campaigns. Republitarian has threatened another blogger and threatened exposure of more information if his "demands" aren't met. In my book that's called blackmail.

Spank That Donkey has Desperate Is As Desperate Does where he said:

But it doesn't stop there. Now the Hanger camp is attacking members of Scott's family.. via the blogs.... Soundly beaten on the issues, they attack a candidate that has run a clean campaign. This is a guy who won't let me put up a "Least Wanted Poster" in campaign HQ....

Then there's Signs of Desperation in Hanger Camp?

I find it incredible that someone would stoop to this. Who's next? Campaign workers? Their families? Volunteers? There's always someone who wants to win at any cost....

UPDATE # 2: Carl Kilo at Spark It Up! has Myron Rhodes Hits Rock Bottom and Bloggers4Hanger Retreat.

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