Monday, May 21, 2007

Radical recruiting paid anti-war organizers...., that most radical of radical liberal groups that has moved into the Shenandoah Valley, is recruiting college kids for paid positions to organize anti-war rallies.

Where is the media to report on this? George Soros and liberal Hollywood money is being poured into tearing this country apart ... yet the MSM remains silent.

I've organized many Support the Troops rallies but I've never been paid for any of it. In fact, everything I do is volunteer. Everyone who helps does the same -- it's something they believe in and they give their time and money to help. Many are military families who don't have that much time or money to spare in the first place ... but it's important to them that America stand united.

Along comes -- again -- to throw around their billions of dollars to buy people into positions to go up against our country.

They should be called Anti-America paid positions.

Keep in mind this is the group Augusta County democrats Lee Godfrey and Cliff Garstang defend. Ms. Godfrey even has her name in the hat to run for Augusta County Board of Supervisors.

Here is the email announcement that is circulating around college campuses.

---------------------------------------- Email Ad:

Iraq Summer - Political Organizing Job Opportunity

Are you or someone you know passionate about ending the war in Iraq and interested in a paid position to work toward this goal?

This summer, the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition (AAEI) plans to deploy 110 organizers to the districts of critical members of Congress who still support the president's disastrous policy in Iraq. Called the "Iraq Summer" project, this campaign will work toward getting every one of these legislators to take a stand and break their ties with Mr. Bush's war.
Working Assets, together with, USAction and Americans United for Change are helping to recruit competent, motivated people to execute this project.

We need your help in finding the best of the best.

Do you have a friend or family member who is politically savvy, energetic, and driven - maybe a recent college graduate or someone looking to make a career change? If you do, please pass along this fantastic opportunity and encourage them to apply.

Candidates must be tough, ready to work long hours, go wherever they are needed, devote themselves completely to the task, have use of a car, and be passionate about ending the war. They will report for training on June 15th and must be available through Labor Day (September 3rd).

Those who are hired will receive a $400 per week stipend, expenses, housing with a host family and the best organizer training in the country. Organizers will be supervised by experienced field directors. (See below for further details.)

Interested parties should submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to by June 7, and a campaign recruiting rep will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule a phone interview.

To put this kind of operation in place by mid-June, we have to act quickly, so please apply now or share this message with anyone you know who may be interested in joining the Iraq Summer campaign.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Nicole Batdorf, Grassroots Organizer
Working Assets

AAEI Iraq Summer Job Description: Career-minded political organizers needed for summer campaign for safe redeployment out of Iraq, targeting House and Senate war votes in selected states/districts. Job involves organizing direct legislative pressure on members of Congress all summer long, on a series of votes related to bringing our troops home safely. You will be assigned a region or state in which to organize community and state leaders, students, churches, veterans, etc. Training will be provided in political messaging, earned media, legislative tracking, grassroots organizing, visibilities and other tool of a public campaign.

This is an incredibly meaningful campaign, with real results. For those wishing to further a career in politics, the timing and training involved is a great opportunity to situate oneself for the 2008 races as an experienced campaigner.

Additional Qualifications: Applicants must have access to a car for the duration of the campaign. Good communication and public skills are necessary, as well as good political instincts, organizational capabilities, and a commitment to democratic ideals. Applicants must have the ability and expectation to fully apply themselves to the campaign for the duration, and must be prepared to work in "campaign mode" (7 days/week, long hours). Second languages are a major plus. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: Hiring is underway and will continue through the end of May, possibly longer if necessary. Applicants should e-mail resume, a short cover letter, and three professional or academic references to as soon as possible, and a campaign representative will call to schedule a phone interview

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