Monday, May 21, 2007

Indoctrinate enough and poll results will be what you want....

The headlines splashed across the top of the News Leader today proclaim an Associated Press poll: Pessimism shadows America.

Well, duh! The past four or five years have been like spoon-feeding propaganda to the American public through the mainstream media and democrat leadership. Tell it long enough and in a consistent manner ... and then take a poll ... and voila! The results will be exactly what you want.

Where are the headlines proclaiming the booming economy during the Bush administration?

Where are the headlines from American troops at war saying we're winning in Iraq and making a difference?

Where are the headlines saying America is the greatest country in the world to live?

Where are the headlines shouting how much help America gives to the rest of the world?

Where are the headlines praising the President for his leadership in the war on terror after an act of war was taken on our country?

Where are the headlines proclaiming America has been free of terrorist attacks for the past five years ... ever since 9/11?

Propaganda. The MSM specializes in it. They have been handed the playbook by the liberal democrats and are going along in lockstep to bash the President, bash Republicans, bash America.

Now they splash a headline about Americans' pessimism. No wonder America is pessimistic. They've had it pounded into their heads by the MSM.

It would be nice if the mainstream media told us the good news for a change.

Here's a hint to the AP: I don't know where the poll was conducted ... but go to middle America, to the heartland, to rural areas ... and you may have a different result.

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