Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alex Davis receives award at 6th District Gala

Congratulations to Alex Davis, secretary of the Staunton Republican Committee, who received the EAGLE award tonight at the 6th District Gala in Lexington. The EAGLE award is presented annually to one volunteer in each unit who has contributed to Republican principles by working long hours.

It is good to have so many young Republicans in our ranks. Our thanks to all our grassroots volunteers.


Unknown said...

Congrats Alex

Spank That Donkey said...

Yeah, I heard that many Leaders in SWAC were recognized by AG Bob McDonnell for their "Thankless" Jobs!

Seems some people have been reading the blogs, and tea leaves in Richmond.

Anne Taetzsch said...

I am very proud of Alex. He has worked so hard to advance the principles of the Republican Creed. He is young and enthusiastic, and other than General Bruce Grover (who received this award last year), no one deserved this award more!

Congratulations Alex!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Alex did us all proud last night when he received the Eagle award. He has worked hard for the SWAC Republicans, doing many useful things with his life.

A history buff, he took time out from a weekend of reenacting at the Battle of New Market to attend the 6th District Gala. Afterwards, he drove back to join his fellow reenactors (including his father) at camp.

Kind of ironic he drove from Lexington to New Market on his way back ... the same path the VMI cadets took 143 years ago.

Alex is to be commended for his service to the Republican Party.