Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ft. Dix: Muslim terrorists planned to attack U.S. soldiers

Plan was to kill as many soldiers as possible

This story would be scary anyway but it's even more so for those of us in SWAC because SSgt. Herb Harman, an Augusta County resident, is stationed there.

Six Muslim men were caught yesterday planning to kill soldiers at Fort Dix Army Base in New Jersey and a Coast Guard Station at Philadelphia. Six men in ordinary jobs ... a cabbie, a supermarket bagger, a 7-Eleven clerk, and three roofers -- three of them were here illegally.

Their downfall -- and our good fortune -- was when they took a videotape to a store in January 2006 to have it converted to DVD. The store owner viewed what appeared to be jihadists and called the FBI.

It is believed the group was answering the call of international terrorists and had formed their own terrorist cell, something that is occurring more and more in this country. In the post Muslim who shot Salt Lake City mall shoppers part of Jihad against U.S.?, I wrote about terrorists acts that appear isolated at first but are being linked in the larger scheme of things. For the most part they are ignored by the MSM.

We're glad the plot was foiled. We're glad the soldiers at Fort Dix are safe. We hope the vigilance in watching for these types of activities continues. Thanks to that store clerk who reported the videotape ... an everyday American hero.

-- Fox News

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