Friday, May 18, 2007

Elle in 24th: "Are Breeden's, Pyles' Hands Tied?"

Are Breeden's, Pyles Hands Tied?
By Elle at In-Politically Correct (5/18/07)

The 24th District Senate race is heating up. In Rockingham County, Mr. William Hrovat of Churchville, announced last night his intention to seek the Democratic nomination. According to the Daily News Record, Hrovat is a retired power plant operator for Dominion Power. The addition of Mr. Hrovat, adds more spark into an already tense race.

As has been widely reported, the Republican primary took an interesting turn in April, when Emmett Hanger sought the endorsements of local elected officials. We are all aware of the comments made by Hanger at that event which prompted the endorsements of grassroots party leaders for Scott Sayre.

However, just when the dust began to settle, a Democrat enters the race. The obvious question people are asking is, which Republican do the Democrats have a better shot of winning against?

I think that Jeff Mellott with the Daily News Record raises an even more interesting question--who will Rockingham Democratic Board of Supervisor Mike Breeden ultimately endorse? Back in April, Breeden had stood side by side with his fellow supervisors in their endorsement of Senator Emmett Hanger.

Breeden is not the only Democratic elected official caught in this bind. As SWAC Girl discusses on her blog, Augusta County Board of Supervisor Tracy Pyles has endorsed Hanger as well. Will Breeden and Pyles break with their party and continue to stand by Hanger, or will they rescind their endorsement and walk lock step with their party faithful?

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