Saturday, May 19, 2007

Breaking News ... Sayre receives endorsement from 7th GOP Chairman

Scott Sayre receives overwhelming endorsement from Greene County Republican Committee

This morning a debate was held at the monthly Greene County Republican Breakfast between Scott Sayre and Emmett Hanger. Word from those who attended was that Sayre did an outstanding job of presenting his issues and offering a fresh new choice of leadership for the 24th District.

After the debate the Committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse and support SCOTT SAYRE in this race. In addition, Chairman Gary Lowe also publicly endorsed Scott.

This is unprecedented. Never before has any candidate in the 24th Senate District received the endorsement of 7 of the 8 Republican unit chairs as well as most of the grassroots leadership from those committees before a Primary.

Rockbridge County's chairman has indicated she will remain neutral.

When reached by phone Scott Sayre was very grateful to the grassroots in Greene County and throughout the District for the support.

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Unknown said...

Go Scott, Go Scott, Go Scott