Monday, May 21, 2007

LTE: "President Bush Wins Citizen's Admiration"

[This letter writer voices my sentiments ... and those of many people I know. If the MSM would report a balanced story of Iraq to America there wouldn't be the anti-war sentiment running through the U.S. such as we have now. The playbook is called "Vietnam" - it was successful for the libs once; they're determined to make it successful again by losing the war on the homefront. This letter to the editor is in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch.]


We keep reading and hearing that the American people are fed up with the war in Iraq and that the majority favor getting out. This may be true. However, I find this attitude absolutely incomprehensible.

As the war grows in unpopularity, my admiration for President George Bush grows. He is trying to keep all of us safe from the cold-blooded, murdering, terrorist nutcases who have declared war on all Americans. Have we forgotten 9/11? Have we forgotten al-Qaida's publicly stated goal of killing all the infidels (that means us)?

It amazes me the number of Americans who have apparently chosen to stick their heads in the sand. We are at war. It's a different kind of war with a more shadowy, covert enemy, but it is a war nonetheless, and every bit as important to our national security as any war our country has ever fought.

Do those cut-and-runners think al-Qaida and the other cowardly terrorist groups are going to leave us alone if we leave Iraq? That is a miscalculation of enormous proportions. Such a withdrawal will only embolden those maniacs -- who will view a pullout as a victory. It will leave Iraq in shambles and provide a launching ground for terrorists to plan, prepare, and carry out attacks on our soil.

It seems a great many Americans are in a state of denial. We need to rally behind the President. Our safety and lives are at risk, and we should thank our lucky starts we have a President with the gust to stand by his convictions in the face of mounting criticism from the citizenry and the Democratic Party.

Glen Allen

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