Thursday, May 17, 2007

Are the dems weakening America for another attack?

Al Qaida attacked the U.S. on 9/11 because we were perceived as weak and not willing to fight back. That presuption was assumed after numerous successful terrorist attacks that included the U.S.S. Cole and the first World Trade Center where the U.S. either didn't or barely responded.

America appears to have returned to her pre-9/11 slumber, as noted by Bernard Lewis who is a professor emeritus at Princeton University, in Was Osama Right? He questions whether we are setting ourselves up for another terrorist attack because of democrat leadership (or lack of leadership) in Congress in the War on Terror.

He writes of al Qaida's plan:

Stage One of the jihad was to drive the infidels from the lands of Islam;

Stage Two - to bring the war into the enemy camp, and the attacks of 9/11 were clearly intended to be the opening salvo of this stage.

The response to 9/11, so completely out of accord with previous American practice, came as a shock, and it is noteworthy that there has been no successful attack on American soil since then. The U.S. actions in Afghanistan and in Iraq indicated that there had been a major change in the U.S., and that some revision of their assessment, and of the policies based on that assessment, was necessary.

More recent developments, and notably the public discourse inside the U.S., are persuading increasing numbers of Islamist radicals that their first assessment was correct after all, and that they need only to press a little harder to achieve final victory. It is not yet clear whether they are right or wrong in this view. If they are right, the consequences - both for Islam and for America - will be deep, wide and lasting.

We publicly squabble over the war, over the troops, over funding ... the democrats want in the war, out of the war ... they say they support the troops but then tear down the President.

People! The world is watching....

... but what's even scarier is that al Qaida is watching.

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