Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rocky Mountain High ...

... Colorado.

Rocky Mountains
29 June 2007

We've spent the better part of the past week in Colorado for a family wedding ... staying up Boulder Canyon ... along Boulder Creek ... retracing my steps from over the years. One of my sisters attended graduate school in Boulder and lived in Colorado for 15 years so I spent much of my 20s in this part of the world. I learned to snow ski in Aspen when I was 20 ... traisped the mining towns of Leadville and Silver Plume and Georgetown ... enjoyed the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and Yellowstone and Montana ... spent an amazing evening outdoors under a full moon at Red Rocks on the Fourth of July in 1982 listening to John Denver sing ...

... and I'm back for the Fourth of July 2007. The mountains, music, family ... that's what it's all about ... it's a Rocky Mountain high.

Photo by SWAC Daughter


Spank That Donkey said...

I'm jealous, those are some real mountain huh?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Chris, they're gorgeous mountains! They're so huge ... we're in a canyon up in the mountains so there's only intermittent cell/internet service IF the breeze is blowing just right for me to be online. This is the first time since arriving here that I've signed on but, then, who wants to be online anyway? :)

Going to send this before the signal goes. Hold down the CASTLE!

Steve Harkonnen said...

One day I'd like to go there and see it with my own eyes. All I'd need is a book, my journal, and the big sky.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Wireless signal is up ... have to work quickly before it goes.

You got it, Steve ... don't need much more than that.

Spent the day in the mountains again ... Estes Park and other historical/ gorgeous areas. The West is beautiful. The history of it all intrigues me, and the beauty is different than back East. The height of the mountains and the ruggedness awe me. Tomorrow ... another day dancing with the mountains. :)

But my roots run deep in Virginia and I could never stay here ... but it's fun to play in the Rockies.