Monday, September 22, 2008

60,000 turn out to see Sarah Palin in Florida

Wow! Hot Air has all the info about 60,000 turning out to see Sarah Palin in Florida. 60,000!!

That estimate was by the fire chief ... information for all those doubting thomases on the liberal side of the aisle who are still trying to downplay the 23,000 that turned out in Northern Virginia to see Sarah and John McCain a couple of weeks ago.

60,000 at a Republican political rally....

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Anonymous said...

SWAC, we've been on the same side for many of the GOP campaigns in the past, but Palin's self-admitted abuse of her office makes her a giant booger in the trunk of the Republican elephant. This latest revelation about how she used a Yahoo account to shield State business from reporting requirements is another issue that makes those of us who champion sunshine laws and open government, wary of her.

Nevertheless, some GOP supporters will flock to see McCain's "trophy" Veep, much in the same way people flock to watch NASCAR or other celebrity events.

While this media circus is taking place, where are the real solutions coming from the Republican side? Our GOP needs to make its case to the American People as to why the GOP should be trusted with another four years in the White House. So far, there have been NO ideas and lots of hype about Palin.

Meanwhile, back in Middle Class America, all that the working class has to go on from McCain is that those jobs we used to have, "...are gone and they aren't coming back..." Well, thanks a Hell of a lot for that news bulletin, John, but how about some leadership and some creative ideas to create new opportunities?

Virginians, like most Americans, tend to vote their pocketbooks. The Obama campaign is dangling a big tax relief package out in front of the working class Moms and Dads. The Republican side needs to get off of the celebrity Veep theme and offer some sound alternatives to what the Democrats are talking about, or we are looking at a clean sweep for the Donkeys in November.