Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I'm Voting For the Chick" signs....

The email subject said, "Fan of your blog," and the saluatation began, "Hello fellow Republican!" So far, so good. The email, from Ralph Vanover in Clintwood, Virginia, continued:
I'm a regular reader of your blog and your entry of Monday, September 15, showing some 'chick signs' inspired me to try a few of my own. I am attaching them and you are welcome to use them or share them with other like-minded bloggers.
He went on to say no credit was necessary for him because he was happy if someone found them useful. I'm happy to give credit where credit is due.

Mr. Vanover continued:
I also very much enjoy your photos from your area. I'm a long time amateur photographer who tends to shoot Virginia landscapes and scenes from down in my neck of Virginia. Please take a look when you have time at

I'm so excited about Palin being on our ticket that I can hardly contain myself. She is exactly what our party has needed since the passing of the greatest president ever, Ronald Reagan.Thank you and keep up the good work on and around the Afton Mountain area.
He signed it, "Ralph Vanover, Clintwood, Virginia."

It was nice to hear from him, and I thank him for his kind words. I have posted the signs he created below.

Graphics by Ralph Vanover

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