Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Facebook ... it's growing on me....

After a bumpy start, Facebook is growing on me as I meet up with many people I have known through various walks in life. Tonight I "met" Crystal Clear Conservative and we discovered we will both be attending the Americans For Prosperity "Defending the American Dream" summit in NoVa in October. I have admired her conservative blogging so will soon be able to meet her in person.

I joined Facebook to keep up with the politicians! Most have their own Facebook pages now and, though it is something I thought was mainly for the young folks, more and more parents are hopping on-board.

Many of the teens-now-twenty-somethings I worked with during my ten years as teen coordinator of the local home schooling group are on Facebook so it is a great way to keep up with the ones who are in college, those who have graduated, and those who are in the military. Most I have known since they were in elementary school; some have even married and started families of their own.

Then there are the home school students who are still in school ... I am teaching a co-op class in government this fall to 9-12th graders.

A number of home schooling parents are also on Facebook so it offers another way for us to stay in touch with one another ... those friends who have stayed together throughout the years of educating our children and whom, I suspect, will always be a part of my life.

Political acquaintances are another group on Facebook. Bloggers are on there, too ... look at Crystal Clear Conservative finding me and now we've hooked up as friends!

Facebook ... a new generation of communication.

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