Sunday, September 14, 2008

We filled up before gas prices increased....

I have been in Richmond this week spending time with family. Of course, we had one eye to the TV news reports as Hurricane Ike approached the Texas coast because one of my sisters lives in Austin.

Friday evening SWAC Husband called from the Valley and gave us a heads-up that gasoline prices had been rising all day around Harrisonburg and Staunton on fears that refineries may be damaged as the hurricane roared ashore in Houston. Since I was at a half tank, my sister and I went out to fill up our tanks before gas prices surged.

The Sheetz station had removed prices from their sign because they were running out of gas -- and on Saturday their pumps were completely shut down. We found gas for $3.56 at the Citgo ... they were doing a brisk business as others headed out to top off tanks before the expected spike in prices. When we drove by 12 hours later, their gas had jumped $0.40 a gallon.

On the very thought that the hurricane could disrupt oil flow, prices rose. 


Anonymous said...

Sadly such frenzied activity contributed more to the spike in prices then any shortage that was supposedly already taking place.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Leave it to a lib to consider filling the tank "frenzied activity." Before heading back to the Shenandoah Valley, I needed to fill my tank which was at less than half.

Now ... in my part of the woods that's called common sense to fill it up before the price jumped substantially ... and being prepared, kind of like the Boy Scouts.

Maybe that's why most conservatives stand on their own and take care of themselves. They think ahead ... they use common sense ... and they don't wait for the price to jump and then depend on the government to bail them out.

A price jump of $0.40 per gallon ... you do the math. I saved money and avoided trying to find gasoline at sold-out stations when I return to Augusta County.

Anonymous said...

A bit testy??? You think I lean liberal?

come on basic economics tells us what happened friday. I'm not talking about those who needed to fill up for a regular trip. I'm talking about those who panicked because so and so called them at work and told them to rush down to the station and top off. This happened all over the region.

I typically agree with you politically, but the panic did more to raise the cost then any shortage that supposedly existed before the panic. Thats as free market as you can get. Take a deep breath.