Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Easy out there....

I-64 "VDOT Workers Memorial" overlook just east of Afton Mountain.

Last year a tractor-trailer mistook the "VDOT Workers Memorial" scenic overlook on I-64 just east of Afton Mountain as the rest area (which is located at the bottom of the mountain), took the exit too fast, and crashed through the guardrail. The driver and passenger barely escaped going over the side of the mountain.

Fast forward to September, 2008, and the guardrail is again torn out. A quick google search did not turn up recent wrecks at that location but, obviously, someone came in too fast and took out the guardrail again.

Perhaps a reader has heard about this wreck and could clue me in?

Photos by SWAC Girl

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Joe Friday said...

State Police should be able to clue you in.

VDOT also keeps the stats