Thursday, September 18, 2008

News flash: NOW not endorsing Sarah Palin ~yawn~

Is there anyone left who believes NOW is really about supporting women ... as opposed to an agenda?

The National Organization for Women, that "bipartisan" bastion of women's "rights" that was established in 1966, has endorsed Obama-Biden.

I'm a woman. I was around in 1966. Have I ever supported this partisan group ("partisan" in that they were for the female gender only)?


These women have a narrow-minded view of what women should be. I did not fit their mold. I was a stay-at-home mom who educated my children at home. I am married to a man I love who is my best friend. I am a home maker, enjoy doing homey things like baking and gardening ... and I am conservative. I like a gentleman to hold the door for me and treat me with respect.

They sneer at that type of stuff.

So we have an intelligent, hard-working everyday woman running for Vice President ... but she is a Republican ... and so NOW looks the other way.

They followed their previous Democrat endorsements and endorsed the Democrat again. They claim to be for women's rights. What they really are for is a liberal agenda.

NOW has now exposed themselves to everyone ... and not many are surprised.

McCain-Palin 2008


Misfit410 said...

Fantastic Post,
But it's not like we did not see this one coming. NOW like other liberal groups are purely about what you can do for them. They backed a rapist named Bill Clinton, why? they will overlook the way he treated women because they know he will support all of the bogus causes they put themselves behind.

Women are truly brainwashed into believing if they do not have the ability to pull up for drive through abortions on the fly then they are instantly back in the kitchen barefoot and prego and following their husbands every barked order. How did such a meaningless option become to top of anyones list of liberties to preserve? it is a truly twisted time we live in.

Truth is these women in NOW are spineless idiots with no idea what is important in life, they are seeking politicians to tell them what they SHOULD believe in (and it's usually something meaningless) and a strong free thinker like Palin intimidates them to the core.

Unknown said...

nice post, I had a very similar one Tuesday

They are a funny bunch.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Been a litte under the weather this week and missed that one. Thanks, Phil. Felt compelled to respond to their non-endorsement because I knew it was coming.... They are about as bipartisan as the mainstream media.