Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gilmore reaffirms support of VA's sheriffs & VA's right to work law

Jim Gilmore addressed 75th Annual VA Sheriff's Association Conference Tuesday in Roanoke....

Gov. Jim Gilmore addressed the 75th Annual Virginia Sheriff's Association Conference in Roanoke, VA, on Tuesday. During the Conference, many sheriffs lauded Gov. Gilmore's public safety record and commitment to Virginia's law enforcement community while expressing support for his candidacy to the U.S. Senate.

During his remarks at the Conference, Gov. Gilmore reinforced his support for Virginia's right to work law and contrasted his position with his opponent, Mark Warner who will supports unionization of first-responders and has pledged support to the AFL-CIO for the union check card legislation, both of which will come before the Senate next year.

"We cannot have union bosses in charge of sheriff's departments," said Gilmore, during his remarks at the Conference. "My opponent is hiding his real position on unionization of first responders and will support the union check card proposal before the Senate next year - something that will completely undermine Virginia's right to work law."

In a show of support for Gov. Gilmore's Senate candidacy based on his results-driven record for law enforcement spanning back to his days as Commonwealth's Attorney for Henrico County and his expertise on national security, many sheriff's from across the Commonwealth expressed their support.

"As governor, both before and during the 9/11 attacks, Jim Gilmore provided law enforcement with the resources and tools needed to improve public safety across the Commonwealth. We need a Senator in Washington that understands firsthand what the needs of our law enforcement community are in order to maintain our country safe."

Sheriff Michael L. Wade, Henrico County....
"I have known Gov. Gilmore since he was Henrico County's Commonwealth Attorney, and his record dating back to those early days has always been one of great support for the law enforcement community. Furthermore, his public safety record has been one of great consistency and diligence. I am delighted to support him in his bid for U.S. Senate, because we are at a time where America needs consistent and diligent leaders in Washington.

Sheriff Mike Brown, Bedford County....
"As governor, Gov. Gilmore kept his promise to be a strong supporter of law enforcement at both the state and community level while remaining committed to Virginia's strong right to work laws. We need a U.S. Senator that understands the need for the federal government to respect the long-standing distinction between state and local responsibilities, and federal ones, in order to keep unnecessary federal regulations from being imposed on our communities."

Sheriff J.S. "Danny" Diggs, York County& Poquoson....
"I wholeheartedly support former Gov. Jim Gilmore in his run for the U.S. Senate. I believe at this point in our nation's history, our country needs strong conservative leadership in Washington. As former Chairman of the Gilmore Commission, Jim has the necessary national security experience our country needs and that Virginia will benefit from."

Sheriff Mark Armentrout, City of Radford....
While under Gov. Gilmore's leadership, violent crime in Virginia went down. Families, schools, businesses, neighborhoods, communities and Virginia as a whole became safer than they had been in a quarter-century or more. More law enforcement officers, educators and others were trained in preventing and responding to the threat of school violence, than ever before. Programs that specifically targeted gun-wielding criminals and high-level drug dealers posted notable successes. And drug treatment programs benefited from the largest infusion of money ever for drug-dependent offenders.

Jim Gilmore for Senate

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