Thursday, September 25, 2008

Presidential debate still up in the air?

It sounds as if the Presidential debate scheduled for tomorrow night may still be up in the air:
John McCain's campaign expressed cautious optimism Thursday as congressional Republicans and Democrats agreed in principle on a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry hours before the two presidential candidates were to meet with President Bush on the crisis.
Even so, the action didn't appear to be strong enough to convince McCain to attend Friday's scheduled presidential debate. His campaign has said he wouldn't participate unless there was consensus between Congress and the administration, and a spokesman said the afternoon developments had not changed his plans.

"There's no deal until there's a deal. We're optimistic but we want to get this thing done," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said.
How do you prepare for a debate when you're at your desk and on the Senate floor discussing and researching a financial bailout of the country?

McCain-Palin 2008

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Anonymous said...

What good is Mccain being there going to do? His and the GOP's bad economic policies got us into this mess anyways. Didn't he admit that the economy "was not his thing" anyways?

He needs to let Americans hear some debating. He won't be missed in D.C. Obama is ready. After all, it's a lot easier when you get to tell the truth.