Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mary Baldwin College Republicans

Mary Baldwin College Republicans talk with Alex Davis, Staunton GOP Vice Chairman of Grassroots Development. He was the guest speaker at their organizational meeting Wednesday night. The club, sponsored by Dr. Carey Usher, has 35 Republican students signed up and expects more to join in the weeks ahead.

Photo by SWAC Girl


Misfit410 said...

WOW, Maybe it's just via experience but I'm always shocked when I meet a conservative female, but I'm especially shocked when it's one from MBC.

You go girls..

Anonymous said...

yeah, both of them..

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Michael, as stated above, the early sign-up for the MBC Republican Club had 35 girls sign up, and their sponsor told me that doesn't include most of the upper classmen because sign-ups were at a freshman orientation. Sounds to me like there are more than two conservatives on the MBC campus.