Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling announces voluntary LG office budget cuts

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling today announced that the Office of the Lieutenant Governor will implement voluntary budgetary reduction actions to return funds totaling 7.5% of its fiscal year 2009 appropriation to the State Treasury.

The Lieutenant Governor’s actions were taken to help address the significant expected shortfalls to the official revenue estimate of the 2008-2010 state budget.

“While my office is very small and our actions represent a drop in the bucket toward reducing the Commonwealth’s anticipated budget shortfall, I am happy to do my part to help address our budgetary challenges. As Lieutenant Governor, I have been a consistent advocate for controlled state spending and keeping government focused on its core responsibilities,” Lieutenant Governor Bolling said. “Certainly tough decisions lie ahead. However, these challenges also present us with an opportunity to look for further efficiencies in state government and implement other strategies to assure that we are spending the taxpayers’ money more effectively.”

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Anonymous said...

This shows the willingness of these two individuals commentment to VA's financial stability.

I think several people in the Gov's Office needs to not only pratice this, but to learn how to add, subtract and multiply.

The shortfall started out as 500 million, then went to 1 billion now its projected to be 2.9 billion. Kaine said Virginia was still the best managed state, ha really, sounds like its been pi$$ poor under his leadership.