Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newest ODBA member ... Concrete Bob!

Today we welcome the newest member of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance ... Concrete Bob over at The Talon ... a fellow warrior in Supporting Our Troops. Bob is one of the United Conservatives of Virginia crew and now has a talented group of writers at The Talon who present viewpoints from varied segments of America.

Those writers, in addition to Bob, include Dave Jeffers, father of Sgt. Eddie Jeffers ("Hope Rides Alone"); Rurik who has traveled extensively and dealt closely with Eastern bloc countries and Russia; Aux Pax Bellum is the non de guerre of Ronald Winter, former Marine, Viet Nam veteran, author of "Masters of the Art: A Fighting Marines Memoir of Viet Nam;" Jonn Lilyea is a retired Army SFC who blogs on military and civilian inter-actions; CAO is a Blue Star mom; Rosemary is a "normal American lady," as Bob puts it. Pop on over and check out The Talon and leave a comment or two.

Welcome to the ODBA, Concrete Bob!

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