Tuesday, May 01, 2012

George Allen endorsed by former opponent Tim Donner

Shortly after dropping out of the U.S. Senate race in December, Tim Donner joined the crew of contributors at Bearing Drift, joining in with postings and comments as we crunch ideas and discuss politics.

On Tuesday, Tim endorsed his former opponent George Allen:

Today, in a letter to supporters former candidate Tim Donner endorsed George Allen for U.S. Senate, praising Allen’s commitment to “reducing the size, scope and control of government.”  In response to the endorsement, George Allen issued the following statement:

“It is truly encouraging to have Tim Donner’s endorsement and his strong, thoughtful voice for the Constitutional values of Freedom, individual responsibility, limited government and opportunity for all.  Tim will be a most welcomed key, respected leader carrying our positive message of envisioning a better future for families and job creating small business owners.

"Tim and I share the same serious concerns that America’s freedoms and opportunities are at risk because of an over-spending, over-regulating federal government.  We both want to see the repeal of Obamacare, while advancing personal health care options rather than government-rationed care.  This election will be pivotal in restoring the promise of the American Dream.  

"We will move ahead together, united for proven solutions to reinvigorate our economy with pro- job growth economic, reasonable regulatory and productive American energy development. I'm certain that Tim Donner’s passion for creative, common-sense conservative ideas will make him a persuasive advocate on our growing grassroots team.”
For more information on Tim Donner’s endorsement, click here.

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