Saturday, May 05, 2012

George Allen: On the Trail ... week of May 1, 2012

Susan Allen stopped by Wright's Dairy-Rite on Monday to talk with supporters in Staunton about George Allen's record. Lynn Mitchell was there and took some great shots of the event: Part One - Part Two

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George Allen held a roundtable with small business owners in Dinwiddie on Wednesday with a message of a more competitive tax system, lower energy costs and more jobs.

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In a speech to Virginia Realtors this weekTim Kaine said his greatest disappointment as governor was that he couldn't get the General Assembly to approve his $4 billion in tax increases. He's hoping for a second chance, this time from Washington.

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As Obama plans to visit Richmond this SaturdayJim Hoeft welcomes him back with a laundry list of Democratic "accomplishments": From failing to pass a budget to our growing national debt to their failed economic stimulus plan and beyond.

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The Richmond Times-Dispatch took Obama to task for lashing out at the very Right to Work laws that have made Virginia #1 for business. All the while, Tim Kaine, a "friend of labor" in the President's words, is silent on Obama's attack.

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Former Republican U.S.Senate Candidate Tim Donner announced his endorsement of George Allen for Senate:

“From his unambiguous opposition to Obamacare to his strong stand on the critical issue of energy independence to his legacy as a governor that was perhaps the most consequential in recent history, Gov. Allen has demonstrated through experience and judgment that he is more than capable of carrying the fight to the leftists seeking to assume control of every area of our lives.” 

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