Saturday, May 12, 2012

VA U.S. Senate debate: George Allen sets clear contrast against Tim Kaine on jobs

Today, George Allen participated in a Republican primary debate in Virginia Beach, organized by the Republican Party of Virginia. The second of three scheduled debates, this debate focused on economic and regulatory policies affecting small businesses.

Allen used the debate to draw a clear contrast between his record of supporting pro- job growth policies that helped create 300,000 net new Virginia jobs against Tim Kaine’s record of losing 100,000 Virginia jobs. Following the debate, former Congresswoman Thelma Drake (R-VA) and Delegate John Cosgrove (R-Chesapeake) issued the following statements:

“This Senate race is about whether our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunities to reach the American Dream that we had,” said former Congresswoman Thelma Drake. “But for too many small business owners, their American Dream is slipping away under the Kaine/Obama tax and regulate agenda. Serving as a Delegate while George Allen was Governor, I saw firsthand how he worked with legislators from both parties to empower Virginia small businesses by eliminating and reforming 70 percent of Virginia regulations and cutting taxes $600 million. George Allen is the clear choice for a future of more jobs and less government.”

“As he said in the debate, George Allen can’t wait to compare his record with Tim Kaine’s record,” said Delegate John Crosgrove. “We have a choice between George Allen’s proven, pro-growth record that created 300,000 net new jobs in Virginia or Tim Kaine’s record of proposing billion-dollar tax increases while losing 100,000 Virginia jobs. Small businesses need George Allen’s record of leadership in working with people of both parties to advance our freedom and opportunity agenda.”

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