Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 ... Tim Tebow and his mom

In an interview on Thursday morning's ABC "Good Morning America" show, 24-year-old professional football player Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam, sat down with host Robin Roberts to talk about a variety of subjects but most especially Mother's Day.

Roberts, who described the Tebows as "an incredibly loving family," learned how important Tim's mom was to Tebow, the youngest of five children, and whose parents were missionaries earlier in his life. As a mom who spent 16 years educating my own children, the Tebows are ambassadors who represent the good that comes from the homeschool community.

As a homeschooled student, Heisman Trophy winner, Denver Broncos quarterback, and Christian with strong family ties, Tim Tebow is a positive role model for our children, one of the good guys who actually understands that the world doesn't revolve around him. He is a public figure who shares his good fortune and reaches out to those who are hurting, all while retaining his down-to-earth personality. He even won over crusty ESPN reporter Rick Reilly.

During the ABC interview, Tim shared the story of one Mother's Day when he was still at home, young and without money to buy a gift. Wanting to express his love and appreciation for his mother, he searched for something other than a material way to do so and ended up weeding her flower garden in the middle of the night, using only the illumination of a flashlight. His mom, listening as he recalled the story, smiled and remembered that it was raining that night.

Pam Tebow revealed that, after he turned pro and landed a job as quarterback of the Denver Broncos, he used his first paycheck to buy her a gift ... a necklace from Tiffany's with a key on it, something she was wearing during the interview and said she wears much of the time. It was, Tim told Roberts, a symbol that his mother was the key to his success, and he added, "I couldn't have done it without her."

One segment of the interview had to do with family meals. A typical homeschool mom, Pam Tebow is a good cook and there are favored foods from the children including Tim who revealed that he loved her Pizza Pie, a simple yet apparently yummy meal, along with Rice Krispy Treat ice cream pie. In a household where dessert was only allowed on Sundays, Tim laughed and talked about coming home from church and sitting in the living room after lunch, watching sports, and eating Rice Krispy Treat ice cream pie.

I continue to be impressed with this young man. He has remained grounded even after hitting the big time in sports, and he still maintains a strong connection with his family, his faith, and those less fortunate than he.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms with thanks for everything they do to build firm foundations for the children who will become future leaders and productive citizens in our society. Cross-posted at Bearing Drift

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