Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Allen tracker has a front row seat to Allen's return to the U.S. Senate

Fishersville Mike picked up on my photo of Alan the Tracker who has been following George Allen for more than a year (and has now been joined by one and sometimes two others). Mike took the photo from a May 2011 luncheon for Governor Allen in Staunton and photoshopped it into this nifty graphic.

How would you like to have a camera pointed in your face every time you walked out the door? How would you like to have every word spoken publicly day in and day out recorded for dozens of liberal staffers to parse and dissect?

That's 23-year-old Alan Piracha's job for the Democratic Party of Virginia. Can you imagine? "I graduated from college and this was the only job I could get." Maybe Alan is tracking for the wrong Party.

You couldn't pay me enough money to do a job like that....

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