Tuesday, July 24, 2012

George Allen for U.S. Senate releases "Devastating" ad

Henrico, VA – Today George Allen for U.S. Senate released a new television ad titled “Devastating,” a look at the devastating impact looming defense cuts will have on Virginia jobs and families. 
Unless Washington acts, Virginia faces $500 Billion in automatic defense cuts at the end of this year. Washington’s failed policies could eliminate over 200,000 good-paying Virginia jobs, hurting the economy and thousands of Virginia families. 
“George Allen is the only candidate in this race with the leadership to fight against these defense cuts that will devastate our military, jobs and families,” said Mike Thomas, Campaign Manager for George Allen for U.S. Senate. 

“While Tim Kaine says ‘the deal was the right thing to do,’ George Allen believes national defense and Virginia jobs should never be used as a bargaining tool to raise taxes.  George Allen has a proven record of working with both parties to solve problems and achieve historic reforms, and that’s the kind leadership George Allen will bring to Washington.” 
To view the spot, click here. The script is posted below. 

Description: Description: defensecutsad


ANNCR: We work hard in Virginia, pulling our weight, making our way back.
But the storm is coming.
Last year Washington’s Super Committee failed.
A failure that could force $500 Billion in automatic defense cuts.
Devastating job losses. Over 200,000 good-paying Virginia jobs at stake.
And a 10 percent reduction in our Armed Forces.
But only one candidate for Senate will fight for Virginia jobs and America’s security.
GEORGE ALLEN: I’m George Allen and I approve this message.

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