Friday, July 06, 2012

Photos 4 ... Grayson: The Wired Road

 The Grant Community Center aka The Grange is now the site of a computer lab for people in the southwestern Virginia county of Grayson who have slow or no internet service.

 I set up my laptop and enjoyed their free wireless access.

 The view out the window as I worked....

From the conference room looking into the computer lab that features nine desktop computers and a printer.

The future of broadband in southwest Virginia, offers free public access at the Grant Community Center's Computer Lab and high speed broadband internet in Grayson County. From their website:

Center provides free access to high quality computing equipment and high speed internet service. This computer center has been designed as a high quality facility with business class equipment and amenities to support not only training, but telework, small business and entrepreneur startups.

This computer center, which will be open before, during, and after regular business hours, will provide the residents of Grant, and surrounding areas, with a unique opportunity. We offer educational (free classes and workshops), business (training and "business class" workstations), and research (genealogy, hobby, and self-help) resources and opportunities. Our services also include free advice on general computing any time the lab is open.
Visitors, hikers, locals -- all use the Grant Community Center for internet access.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 2012

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