Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hypocritical media clamor for Romney tax returns

So I pop over to Memeorandum this morning and the leading stories were all about how Mitt Romney must release more tax returns which, incidentally, is not required by law. He has completely complied with legal requirements.

As the hysterics increase among the national press and Democrats, the hypocrisy screams through loud and clear. After all, haven't there been requests of Barack Obama the past four years, both as a candidate and as President, for various records that would expose more of his background? Any and all requests have been met with a stubborn wall of denial.

Breitbart's Big Government has compiled a Top 10 list of requested materials that Obama has refused to release to the public, info the mainstream media could use to present a balanced picture if they were the least bit interested in being balanced in their reporting.

Four months to go. Buckle your seat belts....

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