Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado shooter was a loner

Twenty-four-year-old James Eagan Holmes walked into the midnight premiere showing of the latest "Batman" movie and opened fire in the packed Denver movie theater, killing 12 and wounding more than 50.

James Holmes was a loner.

USA Today took a closer look at the killer and, according to one of his neighbors near his childhood home in California, was a " 'typical American kid,' who 'kept to himself,' and 'didn't seem to have many friends.' "

The USA Today article went on to report:
Police believe Holmes acted alone.

"Lone-wolf terrorists are extremely intelligent and often come from very good socio-economic backgrounds," said Todd McGhee, a former Massachusetts state trooper who is now managing partner of Protecting the Homeland Innovations, a security training firm in Braintree, Mass.
"But they become despondent. They become isolated from family members. Then they grab on to an ideology. Some people find religion. Some people find anti-government," he said.
Looking back at mass shootings throughout the years and other tragedies, the perpetrator has often been a loner.

This is yet another sad incident of random violence that kills innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time....


Carl Kilo said...

Greetings friend. I dont comment often but i feel the need to tonight. First let me say I pray for all involved in thos tragedy. I loath the people who have jumped to politiciz this.
I am always armed. If you see me i am armed. I made that choice years ago. The choice not to be a victim. The mall alowed law abiding citizens to carry guns. The theater was a gun free zone. I choose to stay away from gun free zones. To me it is paintimg a target on my chest. Thats just me. This can be political but really it is a mindset. Do i want to rely on others to protect me or do i train to protect myself. I choose the latter. Americans need to make this choice as other countries such as Isreals citizens made years ago. It saddems me that we have become a society of victims.
America should embrace the Swiss model on firearms. It works.

Sweet Sue said...

Being a loner is a symptom of other mental health problems. There's a reason why these very sick people are loners. A kid, or an adult, without friends has a problem. I wonder if his parents tried to get help for him when they knew their son was a loner without friends? It's such a big red flag, or it should be, for a parent.

It may well be that his parents have tried for years to get him help and he refused. Once someone is 18 their parents can't force them to do anything, including mental health therapy or drugs that might have controlled his hallucinations.

Lovettsville Lady