Monday, July 30, 2012

Wildflowers, the Blue Moon, and other thoughts on a Monday evening

It has cooled down this evening and the wind has been brisk in the trees, an invitation to come outside on the deck to enjoy these few quiet minutes before dark. We had a little rain earlier this afternoon when the sky darkened but now it's mostly blue overhead.

We enjoyed another summer supper this evening. SWAC Husband grilled pork chops, and we added tomatoes out of the garden, boiled new Yukon Gold potatoes, and baby carrots sautéed with garlic and chives topped off with watermelon and strawberries for dessert. I'm going to miss the summer produce when it's no longer available.

I've lately become very familiar with wildflowers. Specifically wildflowers for weddings. Colors, style, longevity. I certainly appreciate Queen Anne's Lace because it's such a sturdy flower and grows abundantly throughout Virginia. Of course, the ants like it, too ... those little hitchhikers who ride into the house on the prototype bunches and march proudly across my dining room table. I think we found them all ... guess we'll find out.

It would be nice to make a trip to Nelson County to the lavender farm one of these days where they have planted a variety of tempting selections. I love lavender ... such a fragrant addition to a house. My Texas brother-in-law's sister in Colorado has a yard full of beautiful lavender that she generously gives away. Maybe I need to plant lavender somewhere on our patch of Augusta County soil. I've been searching out wildflower places in the Valley and nearby but haven't had much luck ... had heard there was a place near Raphine. Too bad the herb farm closed.

As I sit here on the deck, I can hear the bull frogs in the neighbor's pond, their deep-throated calls breaking the silence along with the circadas in nearby trees. I haven't seen any deer even though I keep looking toward the woods but they haven't emerged yet from the shadows. Darkness is falling ... they will be out soon. In the chair beside me, a spider is busy weaving its web. Otherwise, all is quiet ... no other sounds besides the bull frogs and the circadas ... oh, and the tree frogs.

The lightning bugs have emerged ... the not-quite-full moon is up. It will be full in three days, on August 2nd, to be followed by a Blue Moon -- the second full moon of the month -- on August 31st.

Time to head inside. We don't have much of a problem with mosquitoes because of the wind coming off the mountains but one just whirred past my ear so no need tempting them now that it's almost totally dark. The night noises are getting louder ... it's evening in the Shenandoah Valley.

My photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains ... what a beautiful place to live.

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