Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hot Springs, Virginia ... summer, shopping, and The Homestead

What better way to escape the heat than to head for Hot Springs, Virginia, in the mountains of western Virginia? Only problem was the heat followed us and it was a very summer-like 89 degrees in this normally cool area of the Commonwealth. Still, that was cooler than the 100+ temps in other parts of the state, and it didn't deter us from checking out the shops on Main Street and The Homestead Resort.

Sam Snead's Tavern was busy as dinner guests strolled the grounds of The Homestead and across the street to this eatery named after the hometown boy who became the famous self-taught golfer. He never forgot his roots and passed away in 2002 in Hot Springs at the age of 89. Snead began caddying at The Homestead at the age of seven and kept his connection to the resort for the rest of his life.

Andrea did a little shopping....

This door to the hot springs in the spa area of the Homestead reminded me of something from The Secret Garden.

Downtown Hot Springs.

The Homestead's West Wing, my favorite place to stay in this historic resort.

The Cascades Golf Course at The Homestead.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
July 6, 2012

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