Monday, July 16, 2012

June Curry, the 'Cookie Lady' of Afton, VA, passes away

For 35 years June Curry, affectionately known by thousands as the Cookie Lady, baked cookies and fed those who cycled past her door. Today she passed away after suffering a stroke 10 days ago.

From Bike Charlottesville:
“This truly marks the passing of an era.  If any of you are unfamiliar with June’s legacy, just try googling “Afton Cookie Lady.”  Over 35 years, June provided food, drink, and shelter to literally tens of thousands of passing cyclists passing literally from around the world.  Since her first stroke in 2008, she has often been advised to move to a care facility where she could get better and more consistent care, but the one thing she wanted above all else was to stay in her home till the last possible moment.  We can be comforted by knowing that she got her wish.”
She was an ambassador for Virginia to strangers throughout the years who were grateful for her hospitality. I remember reading about her when I was young and thinking how neat it was for someone to do that and be known to so many throughout the world.

Reporter Bob Stuart at the News-Virginian has more.

RIP, Cookie Lady.

H/T Mark Robbins

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