Wednesday, July 11, 2012

George Allen for U.S. Senate: New 'Virginia Voices' ad with Kay Coles James

George Allen for U.S. Senate released a new “Virginia Voices television ad Wednesday titled: “Kay.” Virginia Voices is an initiative inspired by George and Susan Allen’s travels throughout the Commonwealth as they listen to the stories, concerns and ideas of Virginia’s families and small businesses not being heard in Washington. 

The ad features Kay Coles James, a wife, mother, grandmother and former Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources who shares her experience working with George Allen when he achieved Virginia’s historic welfare reform as Governor.  She praises George Allen for successfully leading a bipartisan effort to accomplish a reform that many did not believe was possible.

“When George Allen believes in something, he doesn’t stop working until it becomes a reality,” said Kay Coles James. “Welfare reform was far from easy and most people believed it to be impossible. But not George Allen. As Governor, he working diligently across party lines to help many Virginians know the dignity of self-sufficiency through work. George Allen is exactly the kind of leader Virginians need in the U.S. Senate.”

To view the spot, visit (script is posted below). Additionally, a longer, web-video version of Kay Coles James’ testimonial can be viewed at

Title: “Kay”
George Allen: I’m George Allen and I approve this message.
Kay Coles James: Well, if you know George Allen at all, you know he's tenacious. And if he believes in something and believes in something strongly, he's going to work at it, and work until it's done. Welfare reform was not easy and people told us constantly it couldn't be done. There are a lot of politicians who talk about working across party lines to get things done. George Allen has done it. He's got a proven record and he'll take that to Washington with him.

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“Kay” builds on the first two TV ads, “Dorothy” and “Betsy,” which are also testimonials from people who know George Allen personally or have worked for him. The George Allen for Senate campaign launched “Virginia Voices” in June as a multi-tiered campaign of statewide TV ads, the website and social media tools such as Facebook. 

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