Friday, August 10, 2007

Anti-war activist John Soltz ... Captain Hypocrite

At Yearly Kos last weekend Capt. John Soltz blasted Sgt. David Aguina for speaking up to set the record straight about the number of civilian casualities lessening in Iraq. From Melanie Morgan at World Net Daily:

Soltz is co-founder of the group which works with as part of the umbrella network known as Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

This weekend Soltz was a panelist at the left-wing "Yearly Kos" convention where he launched into a tirade against U.S. Army Sgt. David Aguina of the 733rd maintenance company. Sgt. Aguina made the "mistake" of noting the progress being made with "the surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq. He did not express any political opinions; he merely challenged the panel to prove him wrong that civilian casualties in Iraq had dropped.

Left-wing activist Jon Soltz apparently considers citing any evidence of success from Iraq a "political act" because Sgt. Aguina was soon subjected to a verbal attack from Soltz who threatened to have him punished by the military.

Here's what Soltz said as captured by the great people at Pajamas Media who videotaped the incident:

"For the sergeant I want to see you outside, I want the name of your commander, your first sergeant, you never ever use my uniform again in the name of political purposes."

As Soltz bolted from the stage, the Pajamas Media cameras were still rolling and asked Soltz why he was so worked up. "Well look, you don't use the military uniform to talk politics…. I don’t appreciate people using military uniforms in politics," Soltz said.

One problem, Mr. Soltz – you're a hypocrite and a liar.
Ms. Morgan goes on to show a photo of John Soltz on the anti-war website She says:

Our nation is at war, and we have boots on the ground overseas fighting in a war that Islamic jihadists declared against us. Have the anti-war activists stopped to think about what would happen if our troops leave the battlefield prematurely?

I have. The entire region would be in chaos. Al-Qaida would rule from Syria, through Lebanon, into Pakistan, and Iran. America needs to win. Victory isn't hard to imagine. Iraq will be stable, a young democracy at work, and American interests in the region would be represented.

Yet, left-wing activists have been engaged in a fierce campaign to undermine the war effort. No news there, but what is alarming is the degree to which they are organized, funded, and orchestrated. Jon Soltz has emerged to become the front man in their campaign to betray our troops and force them to declare defeat in Iraq.
But then John Soltz got busted by one of his own ... Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.).

On Wednesday, Move America Forward Vice Chairman, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.) confronted Soltz on his political activism at the same time he is serving in the reserves – a violation of the U.S. Military's Uniform Code of Military Justice.

As captured in a video from MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Soltz screamed, yelled and literally stuck his tongue in the side of his cheek in discomfort as he realized that Colonel Patterson had busted Soltz for improper conduct.

Melanie Morgan is chairman of the conservative, pro-troop non-profit organization Move America Forward and is co-host of the "Lee Rodgeters & Melanie Morgan Show" on KSFO 560 AM in San Francisco. Morgan is co-author of "American Mourning," which tells the stories of American heroism in Operation Iraq Freedom. Her personal website is

This is how the libs support the troops?
The Baghdad Fabulist by Charles Krauthammer


Carl Kilo said...

Patterson says Hillary wanted to ban military uniforms in the White House.
He said she was a pathological liar.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Amazing. Sounds like the classic case of the mouse calling the rat a rodent, or, more commonly put, pot calling kettle black.

Kilo - Maybe Hillary should have banned Barbra Streisand in the White House instead? After all, she was more of a threat to her marriage than anyone else - even Monica Lewinsky.