Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gathering of Eagles in D.C. September 15th

Gathering of Eagles, Vets for Freedom, and many other pro-victory groups are gathering in Washington, D.C., on September 15th to show support for the troops and support for victory in Iraq.

This will counter the anti-war protesters headed up by groups that plan to be in D.C. the same day to march on the White House. Let's join fellow pro-victory, pro-America patriots by swelling their ranks to overwhelm the anti-war protesters.

A message from Eagles Up and Gathering of Eagles:
It's freedom we're about, ensuring the security of America, not debating the right or wrong of Iraq but looking at the longer term threat America faces of which Iraq is a part.

It's about messages being sent to a barbaric, ruthless, bunch of butchers that are encouraged when they see elements in America that suggest "surrender," demeaning our troops, and allowing the Islamic killers to use foolishness of a few private citizens and politicians as ammunition for propaganda purposes.

We cannot allow a repeat of the 60s when America abandoned our troops in Southeast Asia.

Folks it is not easy to make a trip to Washington, DC ... be sure that this is not about some individual getting his/her ego stroked or some organization bolstering it's agenda. What it's about is the survival of our nation, our way of life is being moved perilously close to a repeat of the 60s ... this time, as we have already experienced, the enemy is attacking us on the continental United States soil.

If we do not hold the line and move with offensive action to rally in support of America and our troops, and recognize the sacrifice of our fallen and missing, the blood bath will continue in America with a force that will dwarf 9-11-2001. We can make a move now without bloodshed at home if we act ... think about it.

Many organizations such as
Eagles Landing, Move America Forward, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder, and others are engaged in preparation and urging American patriots to sacrifice, if necessary, to be present for duty, "boots on the ground" in Washington, DC, on September 15, 2007.

The goal is to fill the streets and totally overwhelm those that would tear America down, abandon our troops again, and dishonor our fallen and missing and their families.

America needs each one of us desperately to stand up for her ... our troops, the very sons and daughters, sacrificing blood, body parts, and lives deserve nothing less ... use our web site and tell us you'll be in DC ... click on the forum and sign up or hit the "contact button" at the top of the page and tell America you're on the way....

God willing our presence in DC will shake the political establishment and our national media into some sense of reality of where America stands.
Let's do it! Let's be in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

H/T: Concrete Bob at United Conservatives of Virginia


AmPowerBlog said...

Well, I just got back from Washington, but I fully support the counter demonstrations, and I'll be with you in spirit!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

We'll hold an American flag high for you. Thanks for the support.

Steve Harkonnen said...

We've already formed up plans to join our blogging group in DC on that day. I attended the one in March this year. The moonbats were as nutty as always and I got to meet Michelle Malkin.

Vox Populi said...

OMG this is just sad. Not one of you have ANY clue what Vietnam WAS or how we left.

Please read before you write.

This is very troubling.