Sunday, August 26, 2007

Liberal college professors and our kids....

Cato at Delmarva Dealings posted how his college son was ready to transfer after only a week at school because of extremely liberal professors who spent half their time spouting off liberal politics and bashing President Bush. Thank you, Cato, for bringing attention to a huge problem in higher education ... the liberal profs who try to indoctrinate our kids.

I hear from students all the time who have to deal with that type of nonsense and it is frustrating to them. Most are able to hold their own but some parents are dismayed to find they are paying tremendous amounts of money only to find their child, in the words of Cato, "... comes back for Christmas break a raving Marxist or feeling that he or she is being harassed for being anything less than a full blown leftist."

Higher education and the MSM ... hotbeds of liberalism. Conservatives are making inroads in those fields but it will be years before we can balance the scales with a goal of having unbiased teachers and reporters.

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