Friday, August 31, 2007

DeLay smacks down Matt Lauer on media hypocrisy

Finally! A Republican with a backbone to stand up to the media and call them to account for their hypocritical actions. Thank you, Tom DeLay!

DeLay was a guest on NBC's "Today" show Thursday to discuss the incident surrounding Sen. Larry Craig. Lauer began his question by listing a number of controversies involving Republicans.

DeLay responded, “I hate to say this, Matt, but you just showed the problem, the double standard, and you just participated in it. You listed a whole lot of scandals that involve the Republicans, but you didn't mention one Democrat… I think in your premise, if you had listed all the Democrats that are having problems right now, it would have been different. You see, the Democrats re-elect the people with their problems. Republicans kick them out.”

To which Lauer protested but DeLay would not let him get away with defending the double standard. He listed several Democrat scandals including Congressman Alan Mollohan of West Virginia who is under investigation by the FBI yet retains his chairmanship of the FBI budget oversight committee.

He tried to mention William Jefferson of Louisiana who is currently serving his ninth term as congressman. But Lauer cut him off and said, “So, you're saying it's a positive thing. Is it a positive thing that the Republicans do this, they weed out immediately?”

DeLay was insistant and replied, “You don't want me to finish it? Because you don't want me to…” Lauer relented and said, “No, no go ahead.”

DeLay continued, “You have William Jefferson caught with $90,000 of marked bills in a freezer. And they did put him off the Ways and Means Committee, but they put him on a highly sensitive Homeland Security Committee. You have Barney Frank, who was caught with a homosexual prostitute who was reelected over and over again ... Gerry Studds who was caught in a bathroom with an under-aged page and he was re-elected.”

Woo-hoo! A Republican with a backbone....

DeLay explained to Lauer that, when Republicans see that one of their own is guilty, they take care of it which often leads to the a resignation. DeLay continued, "On the other hand, the Democrats don't. And the media, the double standard in the media is amazing. The feeding frenzy, the sharks in the water that's going on right now because of a Republican. Where is the frenzy on Alan Mollohan from West Virginia or William Jefferson from Louisiana?”

Yep. I posted on that double standard today.

Lauer protested, “I think you mentioned William Jefferson. There was an awful lot of coverage of William Jefferson when that story broke, Congressman.”

DeLay retorted, "Yeah, for just a couple of days and then we went on. In the case of a Republican, believe me, I've experienced this, it's day in and day out in the media, and they write this story over and over and over again. We all know the double standard in the media. It's amazing.”

DeLay hit the ball out of the park when he told Lauer, “There are scandals that need to be addressed. Republicans address them; Democrats reelect them.”

We need more Republicans to stand together against the double standard of the media and the Democrats. The dems circle the wagons and protect the guilty, no matter what. When it's a Republican, the dems howl and scream, and Republicans kowtow and boot-out the guilty party.

It is time for Republicans to realize we are at war with politics. We must fight fire with fire ... or we will not survive.

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